Written by Sebastian Feuerstack
October 4th, 2015

Program Committee Memberships

Actual Organization Memberships

Supervised or Refereed Theses

  • Matthias Schulz, “Simulating the interation behaviour of older adults to describe how they use a mobilde device”, PhD Thesis, 2015, TU-Berlin
  • Alexander Nieswand, “Bereitstellung einer sprachbasierten Benutzerschnittstelle zur Mensch-Dienst Interaktion”, Diploma Thesis, TU-Berlin
  • Marco Blumendorf, “Development of a Framework for Seamless Mobile Applications”, Diploma Thesis, TU-Berlin
  • Veit Schwartze, “Entwicklung eines Frameworks fuer die situationsbezogene Adaption von Benutzeroberflaechen”, Diploma Thesis, TU-Berlin
  • Grzegorz Lehman, “Model Driven Runtime Architecture for Plastic User Interfaces”, Diploma Thesis, TU-Berlin
  • Dirk Roscher, “Suitability Rating of Devices Based on the Delivered User Interface”, Diploma Thesis, TU-Berlin


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