Written by Sebastian Feuerstack
October 4th, 2015

My research is focused on creating a tools-driven method for interactive software design that implements a strong user-centric perspective and supports testing steps in all phases of the development process enabling to concentrate on the end-users’ requirements and identify how the users’ way of thinking can be considered as the basic way of controlling the application. Different to other approaches the method supports the generation of prototypes and examples to enable the developer to test intermediary results during the design process and to consider users’ feedback as often and early as possible. Read more about my research interests…

The following list summarizes projects that I have proposed, designed and realized together with post-graduate students. All projects have been sponsored by the industry or the German government.

  • Personal Newspaper

    The personalized newspaper service (PZD) can filter internet data regarding news and with the consideration of the user’s personal preferences. The personal newspaper can separate important from unimportant information, and offer the user the best possible access to these information. Thus, the user is able to get access by any visual (e.g. HTML) or auditive […]
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  • Smart Home Video Recorder

    The Smart Home Video Recorder is a service, which can be implemented either in the internet or also in a “Home Gateway” inside the home. Goal of the “Smart Home Video Recorder” is to realize an intelligent and personalized control option for your TV recordings. The Home video recorder observes the TV watching behavior of […]
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  • Seamless Home Services

    Increasing progress in the development of consumer electronics, as well as the broad use of wireless communication media opens new perspectives for the introduction and use of intelligent and seamless services at home. Seamless services can be easily personalized. On top of this they are device-independent and multimodal to act suitably for every situation-, e.g. […]
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  • ServiceBot

    The  ServiceBot is a robot that supports its users as a mobile unit and bidirectional user interface for Smart Home Environments. Via a WLAN it s connected to the home server and can therefore from anywhere in the house provide data and service access to the user. Via the home server it can proactively navigate […]
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  • Smart Telephony Assistant

    The Smart Telephony Assistant was developed within the SerCHo Project to create an optimum user interface for communication services and interactive media applications in Ambient Assisted Environments. To overcome a situation in which provision of each such service is tied to a specific devices, and therefore usually tied to a specific location, the STA splits […]
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  • Multi Access Service Platform

    Computer systems as we know them are currently changing from single systems running a set of applications to complex networks of connected devices heavily influencing the users’ everyday lives. This development leads to new requirements for applications and human-computer interaction. Model-based approaches aim at modelling the different aspects of the user interface on certain levels […]
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  • Smart GUI Controller

    As home appliance networks with numerous, heterogeneous home appliances are becoming more and more popular and affordable, the demand for new concepts of user interfaces arises. These complex networks facilitate unlimited multilayered applications and services and enable previously “stupid” devices to be operated in an integrated and intelligent way. For an appliance in a smart […]
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  • Multimodal Cooking Assistant

    Cooking can well be called one of the most basic and important activities in many households. However, this every day activity has until now only been supported through a few service ideas such as cooking-TV-shows, web recipe data bases and of course countless cookbooks. The Smart Cooking Assistant combines all of these services adding up […]
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  • Smart Home Energy Assistant

    The economical usage of primary energy today is one of the most emphatically discussed subjects and will in the future more than ever impact development of new technologies. The Smart Home Energy Assistant (SHEA) is an accomplishment of the SerCHo-Project to give direction to the reduction of in-house energy consumption. Contrary to attempting to improve […]
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