Personal Newspaper
Written by Sebastian Feuerstack
October 4th, 2015

The personalized newspaper service (PZD) can filter internet data regarding news and with the consideration of the user’s personal preferences. The personal newspaper can separate important from unimportant information, and offer the user the best possible access to these information.

Thus, the user is able to get access by any visual (e.g. HTML) or auditive user interface (e.g. VoiceXML) to the information which was filtered exclusively for him. These alternative access options offer a maximum of independence and/or mobility, which represent an increase in value for electronic services not to be underestimated in modern information society.

Apart from the aspect of mobility the PZD offers further advantages compared to the conventional classical newspaper. A classical newspaper only contains content which was received until its deadline, whereas the message extractors and filters integrated in the PZD ensure that users are supplied with the newest messages available at any time. Beyond that the PZD service has both a explicit filtering system working with keyword extraction and a implicit one, based on reading behaviour analysis, which also makes it superior to conventional newspapers.

With these mechanisms of personalization the user can filter the content to delivered by the PZD according to his own preferences instead of according to the newspapers editorship preferences, so that he receives only content, which he is interested in. Things the PZD and conventional newspapers have in common, that both consist of certain fields of interest in which news are bundled. Right now the themes “politics”, “economics”, “sport”, “culture” and “television” are pre-defined. The TV shows recommended in the section “television” can be directly recorded by the “smart home video recorder” for the user using the interface, which was defined within the context of the Seamless Home Services.

In detail the PZD is characterised by the following:

  • Pervasive service availability
  • Natural-language user interface for message announcement
  • Adaptive HTML interface for PC’s and mobile terminals
  • Proactivity through detailed configurable newsletter (E-Mail, SMS).
  • Explicit personalization by user-defined keywords.
  • Implicit personalization by analysis of the users reading behaviour
  • Interface to the “Home video recorder”.
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