Written by Sebastian Feuerstack
October 4th, 2015

The  ServiceBot is a robot that supports its users as a mobile unit and bidirectional user interface for Smart Home Environments. Via a WLAN it s connected to the home server and can therefore from anywhere in the house provide data and service access to the user. Via the home server it can proactively navigate through all rooms and locate people in it. The ServiceBot is equipped with a on-board camera, bidirectional audio module as well as image and voice command processing software.

ServiceBOT – the mobile babyphone from sfeu on Vimeo.

As an integrated part of the overall home network, the ServiceBot mainly distinguishes itself through mobility and its proactive service execution.

The ServiceBot utilized when for services where the actual space or spot of service execution can not be determined. The user may e.g. from anywhere inside or outside the house “call” the ServiceBot via home network and instruct it to “look for the kids”. After localizing its own relative position in the house and the position of the kids the ServiceBot advances to the children and streams audio video data to the user’s terminal. Thus, the robot provides a hybrid service composed of a mobile “baby phone” that may at the same time serve as a playfellow for younger children. In a different context, the same basic functionality may be utilized by the user in a watchdog fashion, enabling him to remotely observe every room of his apartment while absent without having to equip the house with a large number of cameras.

To augment visual performance, face detection software enables the ServiceBot to recognize human faces and focus its camera directly on them. Through “eye contact” relevancy of the video data streamed is improved insofar as focus is laid upon the inhabitants as protagonists of in-house life. Also, steady “eye contact” and interactivity, as the robot adjusts his own position to the actions of the users, adds up to usability and user acceptance of the robot as playfellow and company.

As a part of the Smart Home Interface, the ServiceBot can through the Multi-Access Service Platform (MASP) be contacted or instructed either directly via speech or gesture command, or through the ServiceBot GUI on any appropriate terminal device connected to the home server.

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