Research Interests
Written by Sebastian Feuerstack
September 12th, 2021

Assistance and automation in transportation enables further optimization of traffic towards a safer, efficient and sustainable transportation. The quality and trustworthiness of such safety critical systems depends on two important aspects:

  1. Systems Engineering Methods that address all phases of the DevOps Cycle from system design and development towards testing up to continuous evolution in operation.
  2. Consideration of the entire Sociotechnical System and therefore the interaction between people and technology to target joined optimization: excellence in system performance and quality in people’s work lives.

In several research projects between 2003 and 2013 as part of my master, PhD thesis and PostDoc research my focus was on the design and implementation of seamlessly adaptive ubiquitous multimodal interfaces. With the upcoming technology that introduced different end end devices such as smart phones, tablets and connected televisions and entertainment systems we targeted primarily the smart home and more generally ambient environment. There,

The Multi-Access Service Platform (MASP), a model-based runtime environment that closes the gap between model-based design and runtime of multimodal applications and enabled the first time seamless services provision. Such interactive services are able to adapt their layout, interaction modalities and also to distribute their interfaces based on the current context of the user.

The Multimodal Interaction Framework (MINT), a framework that enables the design and specification of multimodal interaction techniques and the model-based execution of multimodal web-applications, combining hand gestures and augmented reality with modern web technologies.

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